Jean Iversen’s articles and essays have appeared in Crain’s Chicago, The Takeout, Daily Herald, Slag Glass City, and more. A developmental editor and communications manager for over 20 years, she has worked with bestselling authors, publishers, and membership associations. Clients include Association Management Center, Callisto Media, and AT Kearney.

Literary Essay

Crying at Dollar Tree (Slag Glass City)

Food and Wine

Everything you need to know about corked wine in 2 minutes

How I conquered the homemade jibarito

When it comes to wine with Thanksgiving dinner: dry, dry again

Gioco closing, ending an era for restaurant pioneers

The ultimate al fresco pop-up, with 3,600 other diners

West Loop BNB Publishing House: a first look

Second Course

375 BYOBs in Chicagoland

BYOB Etiquette at Licensed Restaurants

Health Care

2019 State of Gynecologic Cancers

Immunotherapy improves prognosis for women with recurrent ovarian cancer in clinical trial

Ovarian cancer drug niraparib maintains remission and extends time without symptoms

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